The Prequel

The Prequel

We're Project Barrel

We enjoy time Online like we do in the water. No great ride is achieved by pure luck; it takes preparation, the right equipment, perfect timing and fearless dedication. When everything falls into place the reward is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Let’s do it over and over again.

The Paddle

Where it all starts. It takes great effort to even get out there. No work, no play.

The Take Off

Timing is crucial. Everything should be in place. This is it, time to commit.

The Barrel

Ride it. See how all preparation literally falls into place all around you. Get Addicted.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Some of the beautiful brands we’ve had the pleasure working with. Although each of these brands are different in many ways, they share one common ground. A contemporary vision; understanding that old rules no longer apply in a rapidly changing world, where time is irrelevant and timing is everything.

Online Presence Management
From Lead to Sale, From Strategy to Implementation


The broadest definition of Online Marketing


What role does Online have in your business, and is it functioning accordingly? After paddling out and analysing your business landscape we set goals, determine actions to achieve these, and mobilise resources to execute the actions.


Implementing strategy starts with setting up an infrastructure to support campaigns and create momentum. After take off and putting all recourses into place the time has come to gradually shift from execution to mentoring.


When momentum is build and we’re racing down the line, time has come to analyse what we are doing and how performance can be improved.  Optimisation is an on-going process where we aim for continuous improvement.


What is the key message all your customers should know about your brand? Branding is all about using the online landscape to create a person around your brand, making it easier to communicate the key message to your audience.


What typical Online behaviour defines your customers? Campaigns are aimed to target the right people on the right moment, making sure your customers always feel like they found you instead of the other way around.


The vast Social landscape enables brands to interact with their audience in many ways, however the complexity of these channels is often underestimated. We pick the right tools in accordance to available resources and desired targets.


Where are your customers dropping out, and how can we decrease the number of wipeouts? Optimising the conversion rate is a valuable operation, but the pay-off of analysing data and improving accordingly is priceless.

Sounds interesting? Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for you!



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About Us

About Us

Operating from the Netherlands and Indonesia we have setup our business to be location independent. Current technological opportunities allow us to work from various locations, resulting in a more focussed approach and an infinite flow of creativity, energy and enthusiasm. While Project Barrel might not be a partner for old-style businesses that rely on traditional work models, it is a match made in heaven for creative, flexible and contemporary businesses.

Online Marketing
Remote Working


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